PBS World broadcast premiere of Chinese Couplets

As we approach Asian Pacific Heritage Month, I couldn't be more thrilled to announce the PBS World broadcast premiere of Chinese Couplets across the country.  I'll have the pleasure to interact with audiences at numerous public screenings throughout California.  And in June, introduce it to Librarians attending the ALA 2016 Conference.

We're currently designing a teacher's guide and one of my most rewarding experiences in observing a high school class was a powerful exchange in which a Latina said, "the film made her think of her father who came from Mexico."  She choked up and her fellow students, mostly Asians, froze, uncomfortable with her emotions.  Yet, something happened.  Walls melted away as they recognized that they shared more in common than they realized.  

My goal is to get Chinese Couplets seen as widely as possible and I can use your help by sponsoring screenings at educational institutions, community organizations, conferences.  It's proven to be fodder for exciting and stimulating conversations about immigration, family, women, history and more!  

Please contact me with your ideas for screening opportunities and/or make a tax-deductible donation to support our outreach efforts.